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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Opening Arguments

A Commie in every cornfield!


Oh, no. It looks like my alma mater has gone off the deep end and intends to bring a dangerous radical to campus who will warp students' minds with her dangerous ideas.

Gone Old Party


I'm not a Republican, so the identity crisis of the GOP shouldn't really matter to me. But it does. Though I'm not formally a member of the party, I vote overwhelmingly for Republicans, especially in non-local...

Twilight of the gods


It seems strange that, after all these years as a journalist, I've never shared a list of my favorite newspaper movies. Now is probably a good time, while people even still know what a newspaper is.†

Profound under normal circumstances


My first reaction, when I heard that a Fort Wayne rib joint was heading to Houston to provide barbecue...